Providing innovative solutions that build critical infrastructure and landmark projects.

Metro Building Surveying is a firm of private building surveyors providing building services for residential, commercial, educations, and government sectors specialising in technical services and support to all areas of building development.

We specialise in all types of construction from small residential renovations to multi-storey developments and operate throughout Victoria.

We offer prompt, personal services to the design and construction sector to resolve issued without delay. Our aim is to achieve best practice outcomes and to maintain an efficient and professional service, while most importantly provide a practical and common-sense approach.

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Michael Flanagan

David Flanagan

Building Surveyor

Justin Barlow

Senior Assistant Building Surveyor

Scott Howes

Building Surveyor

Ned Elsoukmani

Assistant Building Surveyor

Jean Paul Bergicourt

Assistant Building Surveyor

Helmar Sprich

Building Inspector

Thomas Austin

Assistant Building Surveyor

Ali Huseyin

Assistant Building Surveyor

Laura Delbridge

Finance Manager

Katie Sutton

Administration Officer

Stacey Thomas

Administration Officer

Samanth Hunt

Administration Officer

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